Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I've been watching lots of singers in the last few months on AGT, BGT, X-Factor, youtube, etc. Today I had one of those moments where you hear an incredible talent for the first time. I came across this cover of a Pixies tune, I've always liked and really listenend not expecting to be bowled over with a cover tune, the last time I remember it happening was Gretchen Wilson covering Led Zepplin and Heart. Today I had my jaw dropping moment when I heard the young singer Natalie Jones from South Wales open her mouth and release a vocal perfomance that was purely brilliant in tone and execution. Her band blended in without overpowering her performance and created a truly wonderful rendetion of this great Pixies song. I rarely recommend covers but if you miss this one you're missing something truly special, cheers to the Natalie Jones Band, more please...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My favorite kind of music is music that exudes energy, the more drive and energy the tune has the more I like it. That being said, many genres can fit with-in that dynamic. And when genre's come together in a fusion forming a unique sound, I get even more excited. Panther Style a band from Chicago hits all of those targets and delivers to my delight. There rockin' new song, "Seeing... Just Not Believing" (Mixed by Beau Hill)is one tune that has me coming back for multiple listens with it's great rhythmic energy and a punkish pop vibe that all blends together leaving me catching slight influences in the singing that remind me subtly of the way the Beatles delivered on, "I'm Only Sleeping". Needless to say I was excited to find the fresh new rockin' sounds of Panther Style and you will too, check them out now!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pia Dean - Clarity (is what I need) feat. Nikki Dine-Hart Wow! What a gorgeous new song Pia Dean has shared with the world sung by the lovely Nikki Dine-Hart who has the perfect voice for this brilliant new song composed by Dean. I've been a fan of Dean's work for a good while now and her songwriting just keeps getting better and better leaving me wanting more with each listen. If you haven't had the chance to listen yet, there's no better time than now! Click the play button then sit back and enjoy!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Epic mix for your evening of enjoyment..."Bedroom House Vibes" flowed across the Atlantic from the UK into my ears today and fit perfectly with the work I had to complete today...fueling my fingers across the keyboard as my mind was able to take that much needed break. And that is just what I got! This excellent mix from the massive works of Mindbreak. Mindbreak rounded out my listening experience tody with this selection of tunes and has more waiting for both me and you at When you need a break from everythingk, take a Mindbreak and chill to the creative mixes in store for you at his soundcloud page....
One of America's big holiday weekends approaches and during that holiday lots of great music gets listened to all across the nation. I've been playing lots of new material by artist from different genres this week and after a frustrating bout with internet connectivity, I managed to continue my musical quest and though it took me a few days to get my connection stable again, I'm finally able to share a tune that helpe me get through the technical difficulties and one in which I have on my playlist for the holiday weekend once again. I found myself needing a good bit of stress relief dealing with the old wi-fi. And musician/songwriter Derek Delacroix came to my rescue with his subtle, relaxing, rhytmic sounds that were the catalyst for laid back sounds when I just needed to chill a bit this week and sounds which I plan to kick back with once again this weekend. Delacroix delivers in this tune he calls "So Mellow". Get ready to snap your fingers to the groove while stretching that smile across your face because Delacroix's tune is what you've been searching for...check it out and get it on your playlist now...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Evan Wofford has been releasing a variety of work that reaches into many different genres I found this tune and a few others  while playing some of his soundcloud collection and found this tune which according to Wofford, “This is the version of When I Pray that was recording in OH thanks to the kickstarter project launched in 2012."
I find it to be a high energy up-beat pop rock tune that will be going somewhere when it reaches the ears of music lovers, I dig it!